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Mark Hyman, MD
Young Forever: the Emerging Sciences of Longevity
  • The Hallmarks of Aging
  • Biological vs. Chronological Age
  • Hormesis
  • The Root Causes oF the Hallmarks of Aging
Joe Dispenza, DC


Tina Woods, MBA
A vision for quantum healthy longevity
  • We need a Global Innovation Mission for ‘Quantum Healthy Longevity’ to solve two global mega challenges for humanity – healthy people and healthy planet
  • The pandemic has shocked us with the realisation that health truly means wealth
  • We can harness developments in longevity science and data innovation to capture deep insights from genetics, biological, behavioural, environmental and financial data
Tim Peterson, PhD
The Science & Economics Of Infectious Disease And Aging
  • Infectious disease is an underappreciated aspect of longevity
  • Aging is a multi-hit disease
  • New funding mechanisms such as VitaDAO can help
Nir Barzilai, MD
Inflammaging and Longevity
  • Inflammatory proteins are biomarkers for aging
  • Gerothrapeutics can change inflammatory biomarkers
  • Infllamaging is a hallmark of aging that should be targeted
Elizabeth (Liz) Parrish, MBA
Gene Therapy to Treat Biological Aging
  • Aging is a disease
  • Gene therapy to treat aging
  • CMV gene therapy
  • Our paper on gene therapy
Aubrey de Grey PhD
Rejuvenation biotechnology: how will it address inflammaging?
  • Inflammaging is the maladaptive, misdirected activation of a normally desirable process
  • Indiscriminate dampening of inflammation is therefore a very imperfect a solution
  • The best solution is to remove the inappropriate target: amyloid, oxidised cholesterol, etc
Kamyar M. Hedayat, MD
Screening and Preventing Alzheimer's Dementia with functional lab testing
  • Pre-Alzheimer's dementia can be identified and treated before dementia sets in
  • Functional lab testing can identify the major factors that lead to dementia: inflammation. amyloid plaques and feelings of loneliness
  • Functional lab testing can identify personalized treatments to reverse the trends before dementia sets in
  • Because there are different reasons for Alzheimer's dementia, the specific supports need to be identified for each person. A one-size fits all will not work
  • Treatment options include supplements, hormone balancing and specific diet and lifestyle approaches
William Pawluk, MD, MSc
How pulsed electromagnetic fields [PEMFs] reduce slow aging.
  • Nature versus Nurture
  • PEMFs versus EMFs
  • PEMFs and inflammation?
  • Daily versus periodic PEMF treatment and aging
  • Strength or Intensity of magnetic fields and benefits
  • Compare PEMFs to other approaches to aging
  • Safety of PEMFs
Joseph Mercola, DO
Inflammation and Heart Disease
  • Inflammation is a root cause of heart disease
  • Inflammation requires a deep dive to identify a cause
  • Lab and imaging studies are needed in heart disease evaluate the consequences of inflammation
  • Inflammation can be reversed with intensive lifestyle measures
  • Heart disease is reversible with intensive lifestyle measures
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC
Inflammation and Heart Disease
  • Inflammation is a root cause of heart disease
  • Inflammation requires a deep dive to identify a cause
  • Lab and imaging studies are needed in heart disease evaluate the consequences of inflammation
  • Inflammation can be reversed with intensive lifestyle measures
  • Heart disease is reversible with intensive lifestyle measures
Sandra Kaufmann, MD
The Kaufmann Protocol
  • The Seven tenets of cellular Aging
  • The Kaufmann rating Program
  • How to create a personalized longevity Protocol
Bruce H. Lipton, PhD
The Biology of Belief


Dale Bredesen, MD
Why Alzheimer's Is Becoming Optional
  • Our recent successful clinical trial, published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, showing improvement in cognition (not just slowing of decline) in 84% of patients with Alzheimer's or pre-Alzheimer's
  • A new model of Alzheimer's disease, which suggests a novel approach to treatment
  • Why the monotherapeutic approaches to Alzheimer's have failed, and continue to fail
  • Subtypes of Alzheimer's disease
  • How the precision medicine approach that we have used successfully in Alzheimer's can be adapted to other neurodegenerative diseases along with initial data showing success
James Strole
Immortality Is In Us
  • Immortal germ line and the spirit of immortality
  • Overcoming the trauma of death
  • Most promising age-reversal modalities and therapies
  • A future without death –going beyond survival into a world of creativity
  • The power of togetherness to advance super longevity
Dr. Austin Perlmutter
Neuroinflammation: What it is, how it happens and what to do about it
  • What is neuroinflammation
  • How do we gauge/measure/know if there's inflammation in the brain?
  • How inflammation gets from the periphery to the brain esp. gut brain connection
  • 5 major lifestyle variables linked to neuroinflammation
  • Lifestyle interventions to help lower inflammation
Irina Conboy, PhD
Reversing Biological Age
  • Our recent studies establish the self-sufficiency of the positive effects of plasma dilution, in the absence of young blood or its factors, for stable rejuvenation of humoral and cellular blood compartments in people and for improving the health of muscle, liver, and brain in animal models
  • Our results support the hypothesis that, similarly to mice, human aging is driven by age-imposed systemic molecular excess, the attenuation of which reverses biological age, defined in our work as a deregulation (noise) of 10 novel protein biomarkers
  • The results on biological age are strongly supported by the data that rounds of therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) promote a global shift to a younger systemic proteome, including youthfully restored pro-regenerative, anti-cancer and apoptotic regulators, and a youthful profile of myeloid/lymphoid markers in circulating cells, which have reduced cellular senescence and lower DNA damage
  • Mechanistically, the circulatory regulators of the JAK-STAT, MAPK, TGF-beta, NF-κB and Toll-receptor signaling pathways become more youthfully balanced through normalization of TLR-4, which we define as a nodal point of this molecular rejuvenation
Christopher M. Palmer, MD


Gordan Lauc, PhD
Glycans as modifiable biomarkers and functional effectors of aging and age-related diseases
  • Glycans are the ultimate layer of molecular complexity
  • Glycans are both biomarkers and functional effectors of aging and disease
  • Glycan clock of aging is the best biomarker of biological age
Rakesh M. Suri, MD


Lori Shemek, PhD, CNC


Kara Fitzgerald, ND, IFMCP


Megan Ramos


Philip Ovadia, MD


Matt Kaeberlein, PhD


Sajad Zalsala, MD


Naveen Jain


Kashif Khan



Jason Prall
The Longevity Solution
  • Looking beyond longevity in ancient healing and religios practices
  • What are the keys to longevity that practiced by centarians in the blue zones
  • The anti-aging miracle of melatonin
Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson
The Sexy Brain
  • The direct connection between your brain and your hormones
  • How to use hormones to protect against cancer even when battling a hormonal cancer
  • The impact of hormone dysrupters and how to clear them out
Jack Wolfson DO, FACC
The Natural Heart Equation​
  • The medical cholesterol myth
  • Eating for a healthy heart
  • Top supplements for your heart
Dr. Sharon Stills
How Bio-Identical Hormones Regenerate Your Life
  • The effects of hormones on your body
  • When and how to best take bioidentical hormones hormones
  • The importance of mindfulness to recharge your hormonal system
Dr. Nathan S. Bryan
Nitric Oxide - The Future Of Regenerative Medicine
  • Described how nitric oxide is produced in humans
  • Discuss what causes a disruption in nitric oxide production
  • How do we prevent the age related loss of nitric oxide and optimize health
Kashif Khan
Using Genetics To Get Better Results From Regenerative Medicine
  • How to prepare the body for regenerative medicine
  • The importance of personalizing your life style changes and "terrain" based on your genetics
  • Tying your personality to your genetic make-up
Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc



Frank Shallenberger
Ozone - The Master Healer
  • Ozones impact on the mitochondria
  • The importance to measure mitochondial health
  • Using ozone for antiaging, when battling cancer and chronic infections
Petra Davelaar, ND, CNS
Deuterium - Restoring Tissues and Organ function with Sub-molecular Medicine
  • The effect of deuterium on mitochondrial energy production
  • Heavy hydrogen’s (deuterium) tissue distribution in disease and health
  • How to detoxify your cells from deuterium using food and water
Dr. Corey King
Regenerative Joint Injections With Ozone, PRP And Peptides
  • How we can use natural substances to regenerate tissue and avoid surgery
  • Cortisone injections vs ozone or PRP
  • When to try regenerative medicine techniques and when to do surgery
Jim Wilson
Hydrogen Biology – The Creation of ATP and its Relevance For Life
  • Increase your energy by 50% through hydrogen,
  • The cause of autoimmune conditions and cancer and hydrogen can help
  • Best ways to implement hydrogen for health and longevity
Gerald Pollack
Harnessing The Energy Of Water
  • Water as much more than a transporter
  • What is EZ water
  • Water fueling cellular activities
William Pawluk, MD, MSc
Fueling Up Your Mitochondria With PEMF​
  • Maximize cellular function with PEMF
  • How PEMF can be beneficial when battling diabetes, heart disease, obesity, dementia, and cancer
  • What strength of PEMF needed to reach target organ


Tom McCarthy​
The Breakthrough Code​
  • Living a purpose filled life
  • The key to success in all areas of life
  • Best kept performance secrets
Heather Sandison, ND


Peter Wilhelmsson
Prevent and Improve Your Cognitive Health
  • Potential for Optimal Brain health
  • Connections between Brain function, heart, gut , body and soul
  • Causes of deterioration or dysfunction of cognition, causes of demential and Alzheimers
  • Reversing cognitive dysfunction and dementia
Bob Cafaro
Achieving The Impossible
  • Struck with MS, 50 lesions in the brain, developed an MS free mindset
  • Lifestyle and diet to achieve complete eradication of MS
  • Learn what is required to achieve the impossible
Jodi Sternoff Cohen
Enhance Your Mind And Body With Essential Oils
  • The function of essential oils
  • How to apply essential oils, the importance of quality and how to identify it
  • Essential oils to lift your mood, boost immune system and much more
Gordan Lauc, PhD
Glycans are modifiable biomarkers and functional effectors of ageing and age-related diseases



Kent Holtorf, MD
Updated Peptide Protocol for the Rapid Treatment of CIRS, Chronic Lyme Dz, CFS, Autoimmunity and Diseases of Aging
  • The underlying commonality of CFS, CIRS, Lyme, Autoimmune disorders, Autism, Cancer and Aging
  • Key labs to look at to monitor and address chronic disease
  • A new peptide approach for chronic disease and anti-aging
Neil Nathan, MD
Could Mold Or Lyme Be The Reason?
  • Chronic condition, dozens of doctors and no solution
  • How to know if mold or Lyme is your problem
  • The connection between the limbic system and mast cell activation
Nafysa Parpia, ND
Peptides In The Treatment Of Complex Chronic Illness
  • How to incorporate peptides when treating complex chronic illness
  • The importance of peptide therapy in the context of chronic infections
  • Peptide use for immune modulation, MCAS
  • Neuroinflammation, and sexual health
Jacob Teitelbaum, MD
The Long Hauler Solution
  • What steps to take to maximize your immune system
  • Using the SHINE program to beat the long hauler effect
  • When thyroid labs are inaccurate and how we know
Christine Schaffner, ND
EECO, The Framework To Experience Full-Spectrum Healing
  • What to address before using stem cells and peptides
  • What are interference fields and how to address them
  • Importance of addressing the terrain not just the microbe
Dr. Judy Mikovits
The Healing Benefits Of Cannabis, CBD And Hemp
  • The importance of a healthy endocannabinoid system
  • The benefits of THC, CBD, CBG and CBN and when to use them
  • Cannabis and methylation


Nathan Crane​
Sleep Away Your Cancer
  • How sleep can fight your cancer
  • What to do to get the best sleep of your life
  • Sleep and your hormones
Sylvie Beljanski
Winning The War On Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure
  • The cancer discovery by a french molecular biologist that threatened the establishment
  • A view of cancer that no one had ever seen before
  • Natural agents that can block the replication of cancer cells
Stacey Shillington
Keys To Beautiful Skin
  • The 4 steps to heal acne and achieve healthy skin
  • What foods to eat for healthy skin
  • How to resolve hormonal acne
Dr. Kristin Oja
3 Keys To Longevity
  • Lifespan vs. healthspan, what to focus on to increase healthspan
  • Inexpensive test to run to evaluate our biologic age
  • Tips and tricks to become the best version of ourselves TODAY
Misty Williams
Solutions For Worn Out High Achieving Women
  • How to identify the reason for fatigue and weight gain
  • What type of practitioner can help you
  • Getting your best night's sleep ever
Pamela McDougle
The Kelley Protocol - Addressing Cancer With Pancreatic Enzymes
  • What is the Kelley Protocol and what does it look like
  • How effective is it
  • When should you not do it


Eileen McKusick
The biofield, holding the key to your physical and emotional regeneration
  • Increase your electrical charge - increase your health
  • Finding and releasing traumas stored in the biofield
  • Healing generational traumas with sound
Karen Carter
Healing Your Body By Healing Your House
  • Your health is directly connected to the structure and health of your house
  • Find out what you can change in your home if you are dealing with an illness
  • What you can do in your home to promote success in business and relationships
  • What should the bedroom look like to maximize sleep
Stacy McCarthy
Mindful Movement With Yoga
  • Simple daily yoga movement to center the heart and open up energy through the spine
  • The importance of rituals to support the Big 3 for health and regeneration
Maya Shetreat, MD
Plant medicine, psychedelics and microdosing
  • The power of plant medicine, rewiring the 'me' network and regulating the cell danger mode through psychedelics
  • What makes psychedelic either a medicine or a drug
  • The health benefits of psychedelics and microdosing
Keesha Ewers, PhD, ARNP-FNP-C, AAP, IFM-C


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Meet Your Summit Hosts


Robert Lufkin MD

Robert Lufkin, MD has served as Full Professor at both the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and the USC Keck School of Medicine. In addition to being a practicing physician, he is author of over 200 peer reviewed scientific papers, 32 book chapters and 14 books that are available in six languages. He studied computer science at Brown University and completed his medical degree at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. His honors include serving as President of the Society of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, President of the American Society of Head and Neck Radiology, and numerous other professional affiliations. Among his many inventions including several patents in artificial intelligence, he developed an MR-compatible biopsy needle which is used worldwide today as the “Lufkin Needle.” He has also founded and/or invested in numerous technology companies.

He is currently a Clinical Professor of Radiology, at the USC Keck School of Medicine with an academic focus on the applied science of longevity. He is also Chief of Metabolic Imaging at a large medical network in southern California. Robert has given invited lectures/keynotes around the world, and was named one of the ‘100 Most Creative People in Los Angeles’ by Buzz Magazine. His latest book “Lies I Taught In Medical School” is in preparation.


Dr. Stephen Sideroff

Dr. Stephen Sideroff is an internationally recognized psychologist, executive and medical consultant and expert in resilience, optimal performance, addiction, neurofeedback, leadership, and mental health.  He has published pioneering research in these fields. He is a professor at UCLA in the Department of Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences and Department of Rheumatology, and director of the Wallenberg Institute of Ethics. He was the founder & former Clinical Director of the Stress Strategies program of UCLA/Santa Monica Hospital and former Clinical Director of Moonview Treatment and Optimal Performance Center. 

His research explores the impact of his model of resilience on longevity. His recent book, “The Path: Mastering the 9 Pillars of Resilience and Success” has been hailed as a true bible for living in balance and spirituality. His new book, “The Resilience Response” will be available in 2023. Participants of Dr. Sideroff’s workshops have said that the experience was “life-changing”.

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